20/04/2024 17:56:20
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  • This site is to be used exclusively for lodging requests for interim measures with the Court under Rule 39 of the Rules of Court.
  • Submissions which do not concern requests for interim measures will not be examined and such requests on this site will immediately be closed.
  • Interim measures are urgent measures which apply only where there is an imminent risk of irreparable harm (claims under Articles 2 or 3 of the Convention, such as those related to expulsion or extradition proceedings or applicants’ state of health in places of detention). For more information on requests for interim measures please refer to the Court's Website.
  • This site cannot, at present, be used to submit a request for interim measures by any person subject to any targeted national or international embargo, export control law, or similar prohibition. Requests submitted via this site contrary to this requirement cannot be processed by the Registry and will not be submitted to the Court. For more information on alternative methods to submit a request for interim measures (by fax or by post), please refer to the Court's Website.